About Accommodations

1) What time is Check-in and Check-out?
1) Check-in begins at 3 p.m. Check-out is 11 a.m.
2) When all the rooms are full, is it possible to put my name on a waiting list for a guest room?
A2) Usually we will reply about the waiting list status for a room cancellation 2 days
before your date of stay.
However, there are situations where we cannot put you on a waiting list for a room cancellation.
3) When does a cancellation fee apply? How much does it cost?
3) the  cancellation charges are as follows:
No show 100%
Accommodation Day 100%
1 Day Prior to Accommodation Day 80%
3 days Prior to Accommodation Day 50%
7 days Prior to Accommodation Day 20%
Please acknowledge this beforehand.

4) Is it possible to leave my luggage before check-in? or after check-out?
4) You can leave your luggage at the front desk. However, breakable items and valuables cannot be entrusted.
5) Is it possible to deposit luggage that has been shipped in advance?
5) You can deposit your luggage two days in advance, only if a reservation can be confirmed, with your full name and the date of your stay.
Please specify the shipping date.
Upon check-in, please pick up your luggage at the front desk.
(Please understand that we cannot accept the luggage earlier than two days in advance.
・For example: If you plan to stay on July 10th, and the luggage arrived on July 8th,
we can accept the luggage at the hotel.
If it arrives on the 7th we cannot accept the luggage at the hotel.)
6) I want to send the goods purchased beforehand from net shopping to the hotel's address. Is it possible to entrust it to the hotel?
6) Please refer to A5).

About access

1) Please tell me how do I get to the hotel when the transit mall (pedestrian paradise) is going on.
1) On Kokusai Street, every Sunday from 12:00 - 18:00 for 6 hours,
the transit mall is in effect. During this time, the road in front of the hotel will be pedestrianized. When coming to the hotel by car, please drive towards the Miebashi monorail station,
drive down Okiei street and turn onto New Paradise street to get to the hotel. When you go out on that day, we distribute a peripheral map at the reception desk, so please don't forget to pick one up.
4) Where is the nearest monorail station?
* A 10-minute walk along Kokusai Street from Makishi station.
* About a 8-minute walk from Miebashi station.

About Guest Rooms

7) Is there Wi-Fi available at the hotel?
7) A wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) connection service has been installed throughout the entire hotel.

【In order to use this service, please take note of the following points below.】
・You are responsible for your own security settings, such as antivirus and malware applications.
・Please do not send spam email, or large amounts of email, etc.;
and do not carry out illegal acts such as the use of illegal file-sharing software.
・If we find you sending or receiving a suspicious packet, we will stop the service.
・Under the Terms and Conditions of Use of this service,
please note that the hotel does not bear any responsibility for any loss or damage that has occurred, or any poor connections and unexpected stops in service.
8) Do you have connecting rooms?
8) Yes, we have some connecting rooms at the hotel. You may make a request for connecting rooms; however, they are not guaranteed. We will give you an answer on your day of check-in.
9) What amenities does your hotel have?
9) The following amenities listed below will be provided.
Iron / Ironing board / Trouser press / Crib / Bed guard / Stroller /
Child auxiliary toilet seat / Humidifier / Air cleaner / Blood pressure meter / Weight scale / Desk lamp / Mobile charger / Blanket / Towel / Nail clippers / Sewing kit / Ice pillow / Tempur pillow / Foam pillow / Buckwheat pillow / Adapter / Wine opener / Wheelchair

※Because there is a limited number, it is only available by reservation.
※The use of the crib is available for children up to 1 and half years old (18 months).
In addition, the room that a baby bed can enter is restricted to a Twin Room (23 square meters).
It cannot be installed in other rooms, so please use a bed guard.

 Kariyushi Wear (600 yen per night) 
10) Is smoking allowed in the guest rooms?
10) About smoking in the guest rooms.
All rooms at this hotel are non-smoking(Including vape). Guests who wish to smoke, should use the designated smoking areas on the first floor in front of the banquet hall.
If you smoke in a guest room, you will have to bear the cleaning costs, etc. We thank you very much for your cooperation.

About Parking

15) For Handicapped Parking
15) There is a dedicated space for handicapped parking in the parking lot.
1) Do you have onsite parking? How much is parking?
1) There is parking available. 1,000 yen for passenger cars (one car per night);
after check-out, until 12:00 p.m.

Parking Fee : *1,800 yen for passenger cars (one car per night).
2) Where is the parking lot located?
2) There is underground parking and a multi-storey car park in the back of the hotel.
If traveling by car to the hotel, there may be vehicle traffic regulations due to festivals and events.
In this case, in addition to posting information on this site, we can also guide you by telephone for customers using the hotel during those periods.
3) Is it possible to reserve parking?
3) There is no parking reservation system. Please come directly to the hotel parking lot.
If the parking lot is full, we will guide you to a contract parking lot near the hotel (same price).
In that case, a parking lot attendant will guide you to the parking lot.

About the restaurants

5) Please tell me the direct dial number to the restaurant?
5) The direct dial number of the food & drink reservation desk is +81 98-866-2971.
6) Tell me the hours of the restaurant?
6) The business hours are listed below.
07:00 to 10:00 Breakfast (last order 09:40)
11:30 to 14:30 Lunch (last order 14:00)
18:00 to 22:00 Dinner (last order 21:30)
8) Do you have children's chairs at the restaurant?
8) They are available. However, because there is a limited number, they may not be available on the day you visit the restaurant.
9) Can I smoke in the restaurant?
9) Our hotel is all non-smoking(Including vape). There is a smoking room on the 1st floor and also smoking area in the parking lot outside.
10) Do you have a private room at the restaurant?
10) One room is available, which can hold up to a maximum number of 20 people.
(Divided in half, for a maximum number of 10 people per room.) As well as 2 open private rooms,
which can seat 4-6 people, are available.
11) In the restaurant, do you have any special services on anniversaries and birthdays?
11) To celebrate the staff will give you a birthday present.(Reservation required one day before.)

About ancillary services

14) Is it possible to move around the hotel in a wheelchair?
14) It is possible. We also offer rental wheelchairs.
In principle, it is for use only in the hotel. There is a limited number.
13) Do you have a large bathroom and Spa?
13) The hotel does not have one, but it is available at a facility nearby.
11) Will you have to provide sterilizer?
11) We can bottle sterilizer. It becomes eradication and warm in the microwave. Please tell reception staff.

About access to tourist destinations

2) About access to tourist destinations at Naha Airport and the surrounding area.
2) Airport: by taxi is about 15 minutes (about ¥1,500)
Kokusai Street: Right in front of you.
Makishi public market: A 5-minute walk
Tsuboya Yachimun street, Tsuboya pottery museum: A 15-minute walk
Prefectural Gov. Office・Palette Kumoji: About a 15 minute walk
Shuri Castle・Sonohiyanutakiishimon・Tamaudun: About 15 minutes by car
DFS: About 10 minutes by car Monorail Miebashi station→ Makishi→ Asato→ Directly connected to Omoromachi station.
3) Access to the islands.
3) Tomari Port (Tokashiki island, Zamami island, Kume island, etc.) 7 minutes by car. Azama Port (Kudaka): About one hour by car.
4) I'd like to hear about general sightseeing in Okinawa.
4) There is a number of brochures that can introduce it to you in the front lobby.
Also, the Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau website is useful.
the Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau website "Be.Okinawa"